It is the 28th-


I always look at the last day in February with joy and sadness. It means my favorite month is coming to a close. It means there are only a few more weeks left of winter. It means I have to wait an entire year to really celebrate hearts and flowers and love. Yet, it also means those snowflakes will melt into spring (oh!!!! More of my favorite things!). It means we March into a season of gradual changes which bursts into an explosion of color. It means it is my eldest niece’s birthday!!! Yup, the lovely Jacit is now 28. Today was her ‘golden birthday’ and if I had thought about it, I’d have sent her a box of fun to celebrate being the same age as her birthday. My sister brought us cupcakes from Jacit’s sister’s birthday and we ate them to celebrate both girls. (JaLeen had her birthday last weekend)

Jacit and JaLeen, blessings I am glad we have to celebrate! 



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