Blue Angel


Mom was by herself in the bathroom today, when she had a tumble of some sort. She recovered quickly, but I was not keen on leaving her alone today. I’ve done it a few times this week, but didn’t feel comfortable with the idea, today. I was sitting at my laptop in my jammies when my phone rang. One of mom’s old friends called to ask if she could sit with mom for a bit.

Kari is an angel! Or some of those hands and feet of God. Kari used to sing in Sweet Adeline’s with mom eons ago. She is caring and helpful and always willing to extend a hand to someone who might need one. Today, she called out of the blue and arrived in blue to turn a blue Friday into gold! I didn’t get all my errands done, but I got to visit one friend, see another, shop, and visited the bank. She and mom visited, napped, and I knew things were safe for a couple of hours. Hooray for good friends who are not jets racing across the sky, but gentle hands arriving in blue vehicles. 


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