More Expected!

More snow, not snow people. The sun came out today and made a lovely background for all the pristine white covering the Kenai. I was out shoveling (again!), listening to the Quork of the ravens in the trees, and the laughter of kids on the nearby playground. It was so cheerful, I decided to put faces on my snow guardians. Flower eyes were perfect. They shout happy! Granted, the one next to the house was in the sun longer, so I had to put his/her eyes back a couple of times, but it doesn’t matter. If they make ONE person smile, they were worth it to build at 23o in the morning.

The school next door couldn’t use their gym, so they  made snow persons this afternoon. The snow was mostly ok to shape and the kids had spray bottles of water. Some of the water was colored. I think there may be a dead body snow person across the way as it is red and is flat on the ground and has long rods of some sort poking up out of it. I hope to wander over tomorrow to see what the different ones are. The flags on the patriotic snowperson were taken back inside the school. A necessary precaution in this rougher part of Kenai. I also think I saw someone hiding behind the snowmen around 6 this evening.and now a couple of heads are gone.

However, the area is expecting MORE snow, so maybe they can be fixed. Or at least covered by a new layer of white that will eventually melt into a rainbow hued puddle in May. Although, it might just make a muddy brown and be a mess! Breakup is wonderful, but not near as awesome as snow. There is ice out there, so it will make things treacherous. I had to laugh at a gal today. She was upset there was going to be more snow because she didn’t like it. I asked what she was doing in Alaska if she disliked it so much. She told me God wanted her here. I told her, well, you better learn to like snow then! So glad this winter is a normal sort of winter. Oh, Happy Day!!!!!! 


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