My Favorite things

My favorite month of the year is February. One of my two favorite holidays is Valentine’s Day. I absolutely love daffodils and tulips and mmmm, carnations! My favorite color is purple (and red and green, but I digress). But, all in all, I have to agree with Maria Von Trapp. ‘Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes…Silver white winters that melt into springs, these are a few of my favorite things!’  I love snow, I get giddy when it snows, I am excited to see snowflakes in most any form. Today, my Valentine’s Day was sort of nose crinkling. I was seriously thinking it was going to be blessing free. In my heart of hearts, I didn’t even care.

Then, I noticed it was snowing. I washed dishes in front of a window where a lacy curtain   was falling to the ground. After the dishes were done, I couldn’t stand it anymore! I had to go outside. I didn’t care if it was 2am! So, I did. I went outside and made snowballs and rolled them on the sidewalk to sort of clear it a bit (Alaska snow is notorious for BAD snowmen snow) and then stacked them onto the remnants of the snow guardians I had made earlier. (They had melted today in the warm weather and rain the Kenai area ended up with for Valentine’s Day. ) I was grinning the whole time I wielded my shovel and patted my gloves on stacked piles of snow. I gave them arms, but they remain faceless. If it keeps snowing, I’ll add features, but it might warm so they melt away before breakfast. Not likely, but it was in the forecast!

I LOVE SNOW. So thankful for this white blessing which brought a million trillion more with it. Happy sigh. 


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