Can you hear me?


Since my sojourn in Alaska this last almost-a-year, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on my Oregon trac phone. It finally came down to needing to get a phone where Alaskan peoples could contact me without me worrying about the minutes I was using. I have enjoyed being able to talk to doctors, mom’s friends, and relations while not cringing at the loss of minutes. Texting is also 100% easier. However, the absolute oddest thing has happened with it.

I totally understand getting pocket calls or calls from a wrong number. However, I have only once gotten a call from someone who left a message for someone else. This is very strange as my voicemail message is not entirely ordinary and completely shouts ‘KRIS’. So when I went thru my messages last night and found a call from a girl with tears in her voice looking for a sister, I called the number back. This time, the male at the end of the message answered the phone (very much sounded like the same person at the end of the message) and asked a female person (her voice sounded familiar, too) if she had called a Kris. Needless to say, I sent up a prayer for the girl and saved the message. Tonight, my phone rang. It was the SAME girl at almost the same time as the message last night. I introduced myself and she said it was the wrong number and she was looking for her sister. I told her I was a sister and asked if I could help. She told me her name,  she let me pray for her, and I told her I was in Kenai and would be available if she needed someone. I saved her name and number in my phone, thankful for having this ‘new’ way to let me hear people. I hope this girl doesn’t forget me and I hope I can help her or have helped her in some way. I am absolutely blessed by the different people who convinced me to finally get an Alaskan cell phone. For if I didn’t have it, I’d not know of this troubled girl and I’d not be able to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. 


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