I had 3 hours of time all to myself tonight. Well, I wasn’t alone, but it was spent doing something completely without or for mom. I got to go to dinner with a friend. It was more than a blessing. It was freedom and I am absolutely thankful for my evening out. I am thankful for the lady who came and stayed with mom for me, for my friend who helped make this possible, and for the delicious meal and  fun dessert we were given. A dessert made by an incredibly talented 10 year old! 

The dessert is shown above and the directions are below in a video clip. It was a lesson is magic, a lesson in fun, and a lesson in life. The hard sphere was secure until it was touched by warm caramel. The stream was poured out upon the cold chocolate, melting it until it collapsed. Once it caved in, a treasure of treats was revealed. Four of us shared this dessert.

I’ve been that hard shell. Closing myself off  in a world almost alone. Friend after friend has poured out their gracious care upon me and it seemed like it was just running off into the plate. Yet, finally, the shell of me fell inward. I was able to honestly share goodness with those around me this evening and I am grateful. I don’t know how often that shell will be built back, but I am sure it will be weaker. Knowing so many caring souls are out there supporting me, helping me, being there for me, is humbling and makes me stronger. Thank you to my friends in WP and in Real Life and all across the net. You have no idea how important you have been and are. 

Chocolate Balls video clip. (no, I don’t remember how to add the video to the blog without paying more!) 


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