There are a great many people in this world who are in helping professions. This week I am entirely thankful for nurses. Women and men who go beyond their circumstances to help others. I have a good friend who, in her spare time (even when she is not feeling good), promotes vaccinations and goes on ambulance runs (and gives excellent hugs). She is a hero. The woman pictured above is also a hero. She is part of a team of persons who are at my fingertips. Literally. I can call their company and get help at any time during the day or night. Dawn was the first person we met and, I admit, I was a bit skeptical. She is young and a fruitcake. However, she is a WONDERFUL, beautiful fruitcake and I love her very, very much. I’d write more about Dawn, but this is supposed to be about Karen.

 Karen, she takes her boots to places I’d not dare trek. This woman is a thesaurus of incredible. She encourages, fights for mom’s rights as a patient who can’t fight, advocates for the two of us when I am clueless, she laughs, appears to use air for sustenance, and is incredibly kind. I am entirely humbled by the good things this woman does for mom. For me. She comes to visit once a week and checks over mom to see how she is doing. She stops by often to drop things off and she calls frequently. She is an asset to the well being of mom. She is a beautiful woman with the superpower of caring. I’ve met some great people along this journey  with mum. Karen is one of many, one who stands out, and one I admire tremendously.

Thank you to you in the nursing field who bring hope and help and well being to the world around you. 


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