We don’t have snow at this time. Oh, there is snow on the ground, but nothing from the sky.  Snowflakes remind me of how much more is inside a bit of frozen water. Remember the non-animated Grinch movie? Where inside the snowflake there was a vibrant world no one knew was there? This is today. Today, I have been surrounded by frozen water. It has been hard to see many of the crystals within. Yet, there have been many positives. Most days are like that. Harboring bits of both, but I need to remember to look. 

This blog was created to remind me to discover the better parts. Created to help others remember to search for those good things. It isn’t about my beliefs or who I am away from my journey to find blessings. It is about diligently seeking for encouragement and sharing. It can be irritating to read about shining Pollyanna-like things pulled out from nowhere. I need to write them, though. I need to remember to seek for the world inside the frozen water, where laughter and light exist. On days like today, I really appreciate the belated birthday card with the tear making wish inside. I am thankful for the person who will pick up meds in a different town for me. I am humbled by the friend who will bring me clothing from my mom’s and take Mittens to the vet. I smile because of my  friend who texted me a fun new word to add to my personal lexicon (abecedarian). Within a hamster wheel sort of day, blessings are well, a blessing to find!  


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