I’ll be jiggered!


I like blogs. I have a couple. I follow several. Living the Travel Channel, Alaskan at Last, Dennis Cardiff, Papa Does Preach, and my Canadian friend, Rebecca Dawn. Rebecca nominated one of my other blogs for an award and I was too new to blogging. Hadn’t a clue these were a thing, in my confusion, I dropped the award. I know some of my favorite blogs won’t bite, so am not ‘nominating’ them to do this. Even if they deserve it! However, I will pass this one on. (this particular post will be much longer than my normal ones. These awards are never brief!)  I am always cheered by finding updates in my emails from Rebecca. It is almost as heartwarming as getting real emails from her! She writes an eclectic sort of blog. One I immensely enjoy reading and commenting on. So, my dear friend, THANK YOU for bestowing another award on my meandering words. You changed the rules a bit (one of the other blogs I follow, also got this award), so I thank you for that, too! I’m a bit bound by some conventions and in blogging, I’m not sure what can or can’t be done in which platform! I’m going to follow your lead. 

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like
  • Include this set of rules

OK, I’ve done the first couple and the last one. So, 7 things about me you may not know about me…Seven. Sheesh. 

  1. I enjoy musicals. As I wrote 7, my mind went to ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ and ‘Snow White’ and ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ (yeah, that dates me!!!). 
  2. I LOVE rain. After living on the Oregon Coast for 17 years, you either like it or hate it. Living in Eastern Oregon, I miss it tremendously. (and I do like ‘Singing in the Rain’!) 
  3. I cannot dance and my singing is horrible. Mum was a music major and once told me she didn’t understand how she had two tone deaf kids. I’m not tone deaf, I just don’t sing very well. I last danced at my Senior Prom. I’m good at toe tapping. But, unlike Danny, this is one of those cats who doesn’t dance (GREAT movie dedicated to Gene Kelly-Cats Don’t Dance). 
  4. I love people. I really really like people. It takes a great deal for me to not like someone. We all have so many different facets inside us, it is illogical to be angry with someone for being who they are. You can be angry with what they DO, but this might end up a dissertation if I continue! Sort of like that song from ‘1776’, Molasses to Rum. 
  5. I am more fond of words than numbers and whoever put letters in with numbers, and said it made sense, should hang out in Wonderland for a few months. Of all the confusing and ridiculous things to do with letters, this is by far the worst. 
  6. In spite of being the author of more than one blog and having an active FB account, I do prefer my privacy. Sort of like a lighthouse, that ‘Candle on the Water.’ Where I can see and communicate with  everyone and yet remain on my own island! 
  7. I am a great laugh track for live theatre. Especially, if I know the production. I appreciate the theatre and go as often as I can. I enjoyed working behind the scenes and I love sitting in an audience. ‘You have to believe it is magic’ being surrounded by the scent of greasepaint and the recreation of characters from people you might know. Incredible. 

Now, for my own nominations. As I said, many of the people I follow may not even know who I am! They may not want nominated. I don’t know. However, they really are blessings.  I’ll share some more of my favorites. If you click the names, the should open in a new window. 

  1. Cauldrons and Cupcakes. Thoughts on life and death and survival. 
  2. Tarnished Soul. Poetry and prose
  3. CutterLight. An Alaskan Blog. 
  4. The Darkest Fairytale  poetry
  5. Living the Travel Channel (Kanga is going to be annoyed, if she finds out I nominated her, but by golly! I love this blog and recommend it often.) 

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