Dispensing More


Webster defines pharmacy as ‘the art, practice, or profession of preparing, preserving, compounding, and dispensing medical drugs.’ Yet those words barely touch on the compassion and investment from the persons who perform this service for others. In the community of Kenai, there are many pharmacies and pharmacists and techs who fill orders from hospitals and physicians. I have found Kenai’s Safeway to be the most efficient place to get mine. Transfers of script from Eastern Oregon to Kenai have been rather necessary and nothing seems to stump the persons who work in this store.

Yet, the pharmacy dispenses more than that. I’ve had to collect and pay for numerous scripts for mum in the last months, making me realise anew how incredible these employees are. I wrote about an experience I had earlier this summer, an experience typical of this group of caring people. Each employee goes beyond the window of ‘cash and carry’ to help. It is obvious the individual is the one who is important to Matt, Mike, Stacey, and the others. They invest in the community they belong to while they advise, encourage, and listen. I do not know what will happen from day-to-day with mum. I do know I can count on the help of professionals and friends in the Kenai Safeway pharmacy to strengthen me as I wonder. They are special lights and blessings in my world. 


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