First, I am confused by how the font in this blog got so skewed. I hope I’ve fixed it. Please, pardon the dust as I disturb posts! Second, Birthdays! As I contemplate the past hours, I realise looking for good things is the only way I can see the ‘fantastic day’ I was wished by so many. I did NOT have to change mom’s fittings again. I did not have to take her to the ER. Mom woke up today. A paper mum had gotten months ago did not require being sent in to continue her medical aid. My coffee cake was delicious. I managed to get the rice at dinner to turn out after all. I got to talk to Steve, Jon, and Tony today. Both nieces contacted me in different ways. One of my friends brought me flowers. Another dear friend (remember Rose from a previous post?), gave me some new clothes. Many friends from near and far dropped me greetings via Face Books reminders. My Aunt and Uncle called and SANG to me!!! I learned some fun things about when I was born. When I look at the big picture, it was a good day. I have not a clue what the next journey around the sun might be like. I do not know where the turnings will take me. I do know I will stand with the shining lights around me and be thankful for whatever happens.


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