Some things don’t change-



I shared this photo on FB. It is the outside of one of my elementary schools. The one where I attended 6th grade in Kenai. Mr. DeVito was my teacher. We were on the second floor facing the playground. After recess we’d line up at this door and wait for our teachers to usher us in. We’d tussle and giggle and shout and ultimately do as we were told. Line up and wait. It was the order of things. 

When I took this photo, I could hear the kids I’d gone to school with laughing. I could hear classmates who have died, live again in echoes of yesterday. Mr. DeVito is gone, Mrs. Besch is in a care center in ANC, and the playground has been updated with newer, safer toys. It was all different. It was still the same. The kiss of snowflakes on my cheek reminded me how timeless seasons are. My memories of 6th grade are most likely skewed…it WAS a long time ago! Yet, knowing those friends are still preteens and running around is a grand blessing. What is it Barrie said? ‘God gave us memory, so we may have roses in December.’ Or January!!! 


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