The last months I have craved comfort. I have added to my snuggle bear and white prayer shawl a couple of things (previous post!). A grey polar fleece pull over and a darker grey fleecey blanket. The latter are fairly new, but entirely warming to both soul and body. The stone amethyst necklace I wear almost constantly is also a comfort, in a healing stone sort of way. (OK< I also love the color!)  Then there is ice cream (I have written about that in here somewhere, too.), but it is not something I reach out for every day. I’d LIKE to, but I do not. I appreciate these material comforts in my world of uncertainties. I need them and am not afraid to reach for them. Opening the freezer for ice cream or pulling on the ‘shirt’ or napping under the blanket with the shawl and bear in place. The other night, I fell back onto a pillow covered in the shawl. I pulled the blanket over me (I was wearing the shirt), and held my bear under my chin. I could feel the stressful seeping out for a little bit. Absolute abundance in blessings from so many of my friends. (friends of light who gave me the shawl, the bear, the shirt, the necklace, loaned me the blanket, and provide ice cream!) 


2 thoughts on “comfort

  1. Because you are such a wonderful care-giver, Kris, you need to remember to take time for yourself! It sounds as though you do try to find such time and that is so important!! And do baby yourself in every way you can; you not only deserve it but you need it as well…

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