Tonight, I am grateful for Diabetes. Yeah, not something I think of often, but I am. Mum was in ER and they were sending her home. As I dressed her, I thought she looked pretty sweaty. The dr said the drugs she’d been given might have something to do with how she was acting. Well, I opted to check her blood sugar. Her glucometer read 26. I told the ER nurses and they needed to use their monitor to verify. Like the Seahawks, mum’s blood glucose had been good, but plummeted to  leaving the last man alone. The hospital machine recorded she was at a low of 12. Yes, a person with Diabetes in an ER with  blood sugar of 12. If I had not been aware of how low blood sugars often work, I would not have noticed. I’d not caught on to mom’s sweaty body, her slurred words, and lethargic manner. I would have said it was the drugs and not the Diabetes. 

She was finally sort of stable and taken home. She continued in this bad Hawk season form til almost noon. Up and down with lows and highs. She ended this particular game with a hard won win. She went to sleep early and is resting tonight on drugs and using oxygen. We’ll see how this quarter goes and move on accordingly. One play at a time, one play at a time.. 


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