This week I had an incident with mom’s house. It appeared I paid her mortgage to my own! After I realised this, I went to her bank, distraught. The kind man of the business card above was an incredible help. Out of a snowy day, came a friendly paid servant who fixed my problem. The best part? He said he was glad I brought this to him. He had not seen it before and it gave him something different in his day.  What a blessing to find a financial new friend who not only could fix something potentially horrific, but could also remain cheerful, and be a calming presence. I almost floated out of the bank, I was so thankful to be released from the weight I had placed myself under! 

Later, I was changing another one of mom’s fittings on her ileostomy and discovered I needed new supplies. Mom has been VERY sick, the supplies are a town away. Different people were scheduled to stop by the following day and I wasn’t sure what to do. I had texted a friend or two, but was completely stressed. I went to sleep, still trying to decide what to do. The very next day, today, one of the persons scheduled to stop by gave me some of what I needed  to get. Another friend had brought by some things the night before. 

My world is exploding with blessings, even as the reason I am here is fading away. 


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