Little things from BIG

We have gotten a lot of snow and wind. I go out and move the white stuff often. This morning the street we are on got plowed. I was a tad annoyed. When a giant plow comes by, the street snow ends up in the driveway. Which meant I needed to clear it of hard icy pieces from the street. The wind was fierce, blowing most of the snow I cleaned from the walk back into my face. I was reminded of Jim Croce and and not tugging on superman’s cape. I laughed. I finally got to the jagged mass at foot of the drive and proceeded to balance slippery large chunks on the plastic blade I was wielding. I tossed the mess onto the developing bank beside me at least twice before I saw the large tractor pictured. It was rumbling down the street at a steady pace. I stood back from the road and blinked when I was motioned further out if the way.

The driver then positioned the huge blade adjacent to the edge of the driveway and in seconds moved all those dirty broken bits, clearing the way. I was stunned, waved enthusiastically, and blew a thank you kiss. He grinned, waved back, and rumbled on his way. Doing something small and simple for a total stranger , which from my perspective, was as giant as his grader. Pass it on!


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