Over and over

  My first blessing is a gift I was given. It does not matter how many miles or years are between people to share love. A college friend messaged me via FB and asked if I wanted her old iPad. I was not sure til she said I could use it to read. My kindle stopped updating, so my E reading was frozen in ice.  She sent it  and I have been slowly learning how to use this new technology. I do keep the manual on my laptop and refer to it often. Usually, for things I just looked up! I cannot remember how to do something, roll my eyes, and read the it again. 

    Which leads me to snow. I love snow. I do not think there is such a thing as too much snow. Yet, it needs to be shoveled often. Over and over, the simple task of bending, scooping, lifting, and tossing needs done during a true Northern Alaskan winter. You never know when. You could have just ‘finished’, only to turn and discover your neatly cleared sidewalks are covered again. 

   Many tasks, these last months, have been like this. Responsibilities which seem monotonous and never ending. But, like snow, these will be a part of the past. Eventually. Meanwhile, I need to go and clear the white, fluffy, lovely blessing off the walk. Again. 


2 thoughts on “Over and over

  1. I, too, love the snow and can never imagine too much of it. The 14.7″ we totaled from Friday evening to Saturday night was a good start as is our current 33″ snow pack. Now, a few more snow events like the aforementioned and I’ll be really happy!!

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