The Analyst


Social media has this computer character who works overtime to create fun no-facts about people. I fondly give this character a gender and a name. He is the Analyst. The Analyst ALWAYS makes me laugh or roll my eyes or just outright wonder what is was in my background which gave it the choice it chose! Like this one. It says I might be ‘a cinnamon roll in a world of doughnuts’ as it decided this was the ‘donut’ to describe me! There was another one which said something that had the word ‘sooth’ in it. It was supposed to be ‘soothe’. Over and over it gives my sister to me as one who is either the most irritating person in my friends or the one who is head over heels in love with me and my mirror image. So, this snowy MLK Day, I am choosing The Analyst as my odd blessing. Shaking my head and continuing to laugh out loud as I learn my flower name is Rosy Camellias, the song bird most like myself is a swallow, and my soul stone is not an Amethyst, but a Sapphire! 


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