The blue lights glowing under the layers of snow and frost were incredible. I was so careful as I tip creaked thru the snow to get closer to this tree. I didn’t have my camera, so was using my phone. (which is why it is a bad photo!) Unfortunately, I got close enough to twig the yard light! I don’t know if this place is a home or a business, but I took a couple of pictures and went dashing back thru the snow!! 

All lit up, this tree reminded me of one of my dearest friends. A friend who helps me at the drop of the hat with almost any problem I seem to have. A friend I’ve never met in real time, but one I’ve laughed with and would know if we ran into each other in a dark corridor on a space ship. An illuminating friend who helps make things shine better even under the cover of muffling layers. A bright friend who gives light in darkness. A book friend who shares words and authors. A wise friend who blesses me in so many ways. Thank you, Mr Kirk! 


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