I love sparkles! Pretties of most kinds that shimmer and shine. Oddly, I do NOT care for diamonds. Not real ones. They don’t seem to have enough color to them. Over time, I’ve discovered different forms of water give off the best lights. Quite like the fluffy new snow we finally got. The sparkles on the white drifts look incredible. Tiny crystals tossed by a liberal hand onto the Kenai. Silver glitter spread by an enthusiastic preschooler. A million tiny lights bringing joy to one who sees. The stuff creates poetry! 

The not poetry part? I wasn’t going to bring boots home in October. I didn’t want to spend any money for boots. I knew I’d need to, though. I picked these cheap ones up the day before my flight left Oregon. I didn’t like them, but they were less than 20 dollars and I purchased some sticky gems to make them fancy. I didn’t organise the gems well, so they are definitely one of a kind!  I like their glitzy shine. The best part?? The snow! Tonight the sparkles gave my boots a Marilyn Monroe feel. Even if diamonds aren’t my friend.Yet, tonight… Tonight, I am blessed by bling. 


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