Mom’s oncologist is certain sure mom will be all better by summer. She is ‘under surveillance.’ I can see her body melting away (she is about 120 pounds) and yet, she is ‘under surveillance.’ Her breathing is better, she isn’t on oxygen full time. Her chest aches as much as her head and these symptoms are just that. Symptoms which will happen until she is well. Her health nurse is frustrated with the oncologist, but mom loves him and he is the doctor. So, we’ll treat the symptoms and keep an eye on everything. 

One of my favorite bloggers wrote about living instead of dying. It brought me up short (shorter than I actually am!). I need to focus on mom’s quality of life instead of the quantity. Or more like, I need to focus on how much of her life is being enjoyed. Tomorrow, we’ll go out to the house for a visit. Not to stay, yet. It is such a mess and is so dirty, her lungs would fall to bits fast! But, a short visit would help her feel better. She hasn’t been home since October 30. And she can see her cat. We’ll get the dog later. 

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