National Treasures

img_5306National treasures. People who bring you joy and help light up the world. I had a recent experience with this particular treasure. We often talk to each other and communications had stopped. I figured he’d turned off his phone, it happens. For almost 12 hours there was no communication. I stopped by his home in the morning and few lights were on and no one answered my knock or doorbell ring. It appeared the cats were the only creatures stirring. I was nervous. Once before, in my life, I found a dear friend unconscious on his floor from a brain aneurysm. People who live alone, no matter how old they are, need checked up on. Thankfully, when all was said and done, this turned out ok. His phone was not ok, but he was. It reminded me how precious certain people are and, even in their independence, it is important to communicate. To make sure the treasure is intact and well. Please, respond to emails and texts and messages and let those who care about you know you are alive and well. Protect our blessings!! 



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