The Kenai River ebbs and flows in continuous patterns. Sometimes there is ice in it, sometimes seals, gulls, and always fish. The water moves and the banks change with the seasons. Bluffs erode and fall into the water, life and death coexist, and time keeps moving on. This is a blessing for me. To see something in my world where life and death are coexisting and be beautiful. Often, in our human mortal world, death is fought fiercely and put away on a shelf for ‘later’. I am good with fighting for life, yet, sometimes you need to accept death is on the horizon. You need to plan for a future which may not have you in it physically. It is ok to do this, hard, but quite ok.

I can watch the Kenai and hope someday mom will see what others around her can sense. Not because I want her to die, but because I want to be able to be at peace with what will need to be done after. It is selfish of me, perhaps, but I do not like loose ends. This blog today, was an incredible help. I hope others see it and heed this author’s advice about talking about death. Cauldrons and Cupcakes, please check it out. You will be blessed.

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