Worth much more than two bits

Not quite a shave and a haircut, but it was an incredible blessing. It all started with a visit from a friend. He was headed over to get a haircut from mom’s stylist. I quickly penned a note asking if she could squeeze mum in. The stylist was leaving soon for a trip to Mexico and mum was getting frustrated with her locks. Tamara called me and said she’d put mom at noon the next day. However, the story does not end there. Jim came BACK to the house and handed me an envelope with a gift certificate to get my hair trimmed! I think I might have cried. I’m getting teary just remembering it.

You see, I normally get mine done from Steve. He cuts it off straight in back and across, above my eyes. The last person to cut my hair professionally was Tamara, about 3 years or more back. It is not something budgeted for, besides I am pretty simple when it comes to hair. It is always a special experience to have my hair cut ‘out’.  Anyway, I took mom in, fully expecting to not use the gift certificate for me. Tamara washed and clipped mom, for less than those two bits, and on oxygen. (Mom, not Tamara!) Mom said she was doing well (I didn’t have batteries for the oxypulse thing, so it was at home). Somewhat dubious,  I risked taking the time to have mine taken care of. She washed, trimmed, advised, prayed, and gave to me more than an evening out of the numbered hairs on my head.

Tamara and Jim are two more of those hands of God. People who are acting in kindness, giving of themselves, sprinkling blessings as they live.



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