Silent Night

I enjoy Christmas. I enjoy Christmas Eve services and I adore candles during the service. Mum’s church has often been my favorite place to attend. This year, while there, I was able to hug an angel. The lovely woman pictured helped to design the large window behind the altar in the church. A little later, I attended another service. Also candlelight.  It was a service of passing on love. Loving forward. I liked this idea.

This year, Christmas has been odd. It very well may be my mum’s last one, a good friend had died the morning of Christmas Eve. It seemed wrong, yet it wasn’t. Change is the reason Christmas exists. We are not meant to exist the same way every minute. We are encouraged to grow and change and live and die.  A song sung by the choral group during the second service made me think. The last line was “What will we do when the candle is gone? Take up my light! Pass it on, pass it on.” (Spirit-Child Jesus) I don’t know how long mom will be with us, but I will pass on her light, and Frank’s, as much as I can. Now and later. Be blessed in where I am and love forward.


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