There is a song, I think it is by J Ellers. I am pretty sure I’ve used it on this blog before. “Go Ye Now in Peace.” As I sit here mid-week, in Kenai, am struck once more by the powerful words sung in many  different  denominations.

“Go ye now in peace and know that the love of God will guide you.
Feel his presence here beside you, showing you the way.
In your time of trouble when hurt and despair are there to grieve you,
Know that the Lord will never leave you, He will bring you courage.
Know that the God who sent His Son to die that you might live,
Will never leave you lost and alone in His beloved world.
Go ye now in peace. Go ye now in peace, Go ye now in peace.”

Our world is full of many different kinds of people. This is good. Star Trek and other Sci Fi stories have shown how terrible life would be with everything the same. We need each kind of person. Granted, sometimes it would be easier if some people would just be elsewhere. Like maybe, Mars. However, that isn’t logical. Yet.

It doesn’t really matter. We  need to accept them and love the people they are when they are the girl with the curl in the middle of her head (horrid). And appreciate the times when they are very, very good. I often find myself in a  haze of thankfulness as I’ve been in Alaska these last months of this year. There are many folks out there who are very, very good. Giving and caring and blessing my mother and me over and over. They do the same things and do not realise how much it means to mom and I. Meals, show removal, watching mom for me, taking me shopping, washing our laundry, visiting mom (oh my, she loves that!), and hugs (I do adore those!). It is hard to remember to ask people to help us. It is hard to remember to ask again.

When I am in times of trouble, I need to remember to ‘go in peace’ and be blessed. And to carry on when those times are alone. Because, sometimes they will be and it is OK.


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