One of the hardest things about care giving is remembering yourself. This morning, I woke tired. No, I was exhausted. But, I knew I had to get mom up and ready for church. She really wanted to go today. It was the children’s program, one of mom’s favorite things. So, I waited around til about 730 and woke her. She was really groggy and wanted to stay asleep. Eventually, she woke and went to the bathroom (I did not want another bag overflow which would lead to a full out shower without oxygen!). I had checked my blood and had my own meds. Then, I got mom’s stats, made her breakfast, coffee, the French toast she wanted, jam, juice, and yogurt. I managed to make my own breakfast and ate it while on the move. Then, I discovered I had forgotten mom’s meds. Ones that help keep her alive. My whole day went like this. Every time I remembered me, Mom was not.

Yet, that is why I need to remember  me. I get so caught up in mom, I forget that as a caregiver, forgetting myself makes me as vulnerable. it is a hard thing to remember Kris when confronted with the important needs of mom. It has to be done, but oh, it is so hard. I am her blessing as much as she is mine. I need to remember that.


2 thoughts on “Remember

  1. As I posted in an earlier comment; Please, please find time for yourself! Stress destroys so many vitamins your body needs; this is especially true of the ‘B’ complexes. Make sure you supplement yourself with additional B vitamins and try to get as much sleep as ya can manage. But even with this you still need time to yourself, time to decompress from the stresses and strain of being a care-giver. It is a very difficult balancing act!

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