img_5258Living in the north in the winter, it is important to keep your vehicles warm. If you don’t happen to have an empty garage, it is often necessary to plug in your car outside your home. Taking these rigs, with the little ‘plug in cord’ in the grill, stateside may generate comments like, ‘Do you have an electric car?’ or even ‘How far does it drive without being plugged in?’ One important thing you must remember when attaching your car to an outside outlet is to UNPLUG the extension cord. Many a rig ends up with a mangled tail as it bounces down the icy street, trailing the oblivious driver. Frustrating, but it happens.

Today, as we had snow and cold and now freezing rain, I am thankful for power. For the ability to keep my car in a cryogenic state while it sits outside. It is much preferable than one which is as dead as an icicle hanging off the fender. I am also thankful for the lady in the basement who loaned me a cord to use since mom’s is in her house in Nikiski! I am also thankful for duct tape to affix to the outside of a garage door and pens to write a word to remind me.



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