Alone in the Moonlight


Grizabella sang about memories and moonlight at midnight in CATS! As I drove home in the twilight of 430 last night, my senses were bombarded. On the right, the mountains were turning into mounds of pink cotton candy served on a sea of blueberry fluff. On my left, I could see the moon high in the sky. A glowing orb worthy of James Thurber’s story of the Princess who pined for it.

The scent of wood smoke threading through frozen branches coated with hoarfrost combined with the smooth expanses of glittering white on fields around me. A giant blow up dragon from Halloween, looking regal in the waning light. The shining one dimensional nativity strung out in a line, complete with moose and bear made me smile. So did the glowing white stars moving around on the lake where people were working to clear it for skating. Nostalgia and joy followed me while the moon let memories live again.


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