A Tesseract?


Madeline L’Engle put the tesseract quotient in her novel, ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’ I was always fascinated by the idea of moving time so you could skip over bits, getting from one place in time to another fairly quickly. Mrs. Whatsit explained this with a fold of her coat. I think I ran into a tesseract this morning. I am not entirely sure how or why. I experienced life in that fold completely, but when I looked at the clock, time seemed to have stopped!

At 7 am I woke to hear mom stirring. It was lovely sleeping almost 5 straight hours, but I should have gotten her up to empty her waste bag at 4. I regretted it more when we got her out of her reclining chair. Her bag had come apart from the fitting. It was incredibly full. Over full. It was a mess. We had to remove the bag, shower her (she had to remove her oxygen tubing for fear it would get into the feces), her insulin pump had gotten icky, all of her clothes (not her socks), and it was a daunting task. I got her new bag fitted on her, her insulin pump was filled and affixed to her tummy, she was dressed, and then I realised I needed to get her breakfast! I cooked French toast and in between setting her place at the table and getting her meal ready, I took my own insulin. And cleaned up the bathroom and the bedroom and bagged  up the debris and messy clothes (the latter for washing). I was shocked when mom finished breakfast and was back in her recliner. Only about 45 minutes had passed.

What a blessing to know all that work could squish into such a small space of time. Now, if we could only refer that same equation to kids when they need to clean their rooms!!


2 thoughts on “A Tesseract?

  1. You are an amazing daughter, Kris, and you deserve kudos for taking such wonderful care of your Mum!! Just please, please remember to take time for yourself, okay? While helping care for Mom when she was in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s I learned that often the care-givers suffer as much if not more than their patients. Hopefully you are making time as often as possible to get away and just be yourself..? It is a noble and compassionate thing to do to provide such care for your Mum but not the point that it wears you down and exhausts you.

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