From Where I Stand

These photos were taken within seconds of each other on the same day from the same place. All I needed to do was turn. One side has Mt. Redoubt surrounded by sea and sky, looking all majestic in purple hues. The other had a fiery sunset, burnishing the earth with gold.

I’m in that spot today, waiting to adapt to the changing scenes. Mum isn’t in the sunset stage yet. She’s close, but it is out of reach for the moment. She’s the mountain wrapped in the colors of a waning day. She’s strong and visible and restless (note: Redoubt IS a volcano and steam plumes are not out of place!). Mum wants to go and do things, she is NOT ready to accept changes which may move her closer to the sunset. She may not have a choice. Today, she  had a chance to go and do things and did. Over did. I watched and waited and picked up the pieces when she eventually stopped. Mum is fairly immortal, but even immortals reach a time of eventual rest in history. We mortals need to watch, wait, and wonder where things are heading next.

Today was another hard day. I’m thankful for the lessons in sunsets and the love of friends.


2 thoughts on “From Where I Stand

  1. Mt Redoubt is not ‘just’ a volcano but a ‘strato-volcano’ with a peak over 10,000 feet! I love the views from that portion of the Sterling Highway; a bit further south Mt. Illiamna is another strato-volcano with four peaks. And on really clear days if ya look to the SSW you can sometimes see the Mount Augustine Volcano on Augustine Island. I’ve seen it both from Anchor Point and from Homer.

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    1. Ahhh, but Redoubt is a friend. And I know quite a few real friends who have ashes on it! I am fond of volcanoes. You learn to love them growing up on the Kenai!


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