Odd Blessing


I am more than thankful to NOT have an insulin pump. Yes, I am sure they are wonderful for millions of people. Millions of people have them! My mum is one of those. As I’ve watched mum use the contraption affixed to her body, it has NEVER impressed me. My endocrinologist has often suggested I should try one. I remain skeptical. Since my latest northern sojourn, I have discovered first hand how frustrating these  are. The mechanism thing to make the cannula inject under the skin managed to get lost (every part is used once, but this injector thing. THAT is used every time and it is expected they not stray), so I have learned to put the darn thing in manually (thank you google!). It is not easy and once, it bent (the cannula) so no insulin went into mom’s body. She had blood sugars of over 600. When the problem was fixed, so were her sugars. Pretty ridiculous. I much prefer using a syringe I fill on my own. Or a pen which is prefilled. Someday, I might lean more towards a pump. For now, I will keep on with the tiny teeny needles and inject when needed.


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