Snow Angels

It snowed a lot last night. Well, more than I’ve seen in a while, either here or in Eastern Oregon. I had been warned my car might be in the wrong place parked on the street. So, at midnight thirty last night, I moved it. I was covered in powdery snowflakes and figured I was safe. This morning, I looked out the kitchen window to see kids from the HS moving snow from in front of their school. I decided to join them and went out to shovel the sidewalk so mom could get her walker down the path. Then, because mom had an appt today, I went to get the rig. WHICH HAD BEEN SNOWPLOWED IN!!!!! Oh the winter irony. Annoyed, I went back to the porch, shouldered my shovel, and proceeded to head in the direction of mom’s car. Only to discover those same kids had been requested to shovel ME out! The principal knows mom and saw my predicament. I was blessed again when the the principal. and a woman who works for him at the school, came over to help me get mom and her walker and her oxygen thru the snow to the passenger seat where she stayed til we got to her appt. They also came to help me get her out when we got back to the house. It is so comforting to know angels from every walk of life are all weather. Kind of like tires, but much more interesting!


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