My mum’s church decided mum needed a tree this weekend. It isn’t real, but it doesn’t matter. Lights and shining colored balls look amazing on anything. The base of the tree bothered me. It was your basic metal fake tree stand and well, it didn’t look amazing. My sister came in and said the same thing. However, she solved it with a gorgeous tree skirt in greens and golds. I peered thru the branches, catching reflections to share with this photo, and thought about where I am this year.

I am NOT in my Oregon house caught up in the excitement of holiday festivities. I am not putting up nativities in every nook and cranny. I am not crafting a letter to send out in a Christmas card featuring cats. I am not dusting off reindeer and hoarding green and red candies for crystal dishes.  All those ‘things’ are not needed to celebrate in December. (although, to be very honest, I am THRILLED we are getting more snow and I hope it stays!) I am, however, surrounded by caring, loving friends and family who exhibit the grace of Christmas every day. I do have hands to hold on to when the balls spin and drag me into another world. There is wisdom overflowing from others into me.  It is funny how people talk about hosting the Christmas Spirit all thru the year (Scrooge!) and yet don’t hold on to it for more than a month. I can see ripples of reflections in those around me and I rejoice in being blessed by the goodness and kindnesses I’m inundated with.


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