Romance in Mystery


I love books! I have some with me. Great fun reads about dragon shifters and the women who love them. My Kindle is full of authors as well. I wasn’t looking for anything else to read, I didn’t have time anyway. One afternoon, I was walking past this shelf and frowning at the authors prominently displayed, when I suddenly realised something. The black books above the frowny ones were a whole series of Agatha Christie’s! I adore her stuff. It doesn’t matter if it is Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple or anyone else. These books are made for fun. I remember as a wage earning teen, hiding my hard earned tens and twenties between the pages on my bookshelves. Because people were always doing it in Christie’s novels. Alas, I forgot the chapters spent in the characters LOOKING for the hidden stash of cash.

This read through, I discovered something odd. Or at least, odd to this hard boiled reader. Ms. Christie was a romantic! Her characters often took charge, changed their lives, and became the person they were meant to be while they found love. Obscure meetings ending in surprising finales are her forte.

I am glad I found these books and I plan to read as many as possible while I am here.


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