I love flying. I love birds. This particular bird of flight, however, has my heartfelt thanks. I don’t normally fly Ravyn Alaska. I am partial to the tiny planes piloted around by Grant. Yet, when I  needed to leave ANC with mom, this airline was the best choice. Yes, they were the ones with the absurd ‘Happy New Year’ message on their machine! It took me 3 phone calls to arrange our flight on Friday, when they opened, and I sincerely wish I had known they flew cancer patients for free, but what is done is done.

These folks took care of mom from the second we passed thru the doors at Ted Stevens International to leaving the Kenai airport. They allowed me to change the batteries in her oxygen contraption mid-flight and have the gift of giving unconditionally .  I was absolutely impressed with the speed of these planes. It took longer to take off and land than it did to fly! I often  had tears on my cheeks as I watched mom on her first outing since October 30. I wondered if it would be her last flight. I still wonder.

Thank you, Ravn Alaska for giving me security in a time of uncertainty. Bless you.


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