Thankful for the Absurd


Today is Thanksgiving in the US. It is totally different than any other Thanksgiving I’ve ever experienced. I am in the hospital with mum. I was in the hospital one Christmas, but I had a couple of visitors and had planned I might not be home for the 25th when I went in for my surgery on the 22nd. This, this was not a planned holiday.  I kind of expected it, but it was not planned. As I look at being thankful, I am reminded by the absurdities which exist to make me giggle.

This toilet in mom’s room fulfills requirements, but it is ridiculous! Not only is it in a cupboard that can’t close, the flushing toggle  is behind a door and when depressed,  it sounds like one of those old fashioned water closets! It also blocks the mechanism to fix the heating elements in the room’s heater. Then, today I tried to call an airlines to get us flown from ANC to Kenai. I was greeted 3 times (I had to call back to make sure I heard it correctly!) by an announcement which started out, “Happy New Year and thank you for calling Ravn Alaska”…it then ended with information suggesting they’d resume services on Saturday, Jan 2. I laughed!

During difficult times, look for not just the beautiful kinds of blessings, but the bizarre ones, as well. Stuff so strange you can’t make it up. Laugh and be stronger as you soldier on.


One thought on “Thankful for the Absurd

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Kris!
    On the bright side be thankful for not dealing with the madness of Black Friday! Did you get some hospital rendition of turkey at least? (Shudders)
    Your mother spent the holiday with you, which is a blessing as well.
    Your predicament with the toilet made me remember my stay at a hospital hostel. I was having tests done and I had to stay in a room for a few days. The bathroom was so tiny, i was practically peeing in the shower! The shower was so small I could not turn or bend over.
    Yea hospitals!😲😔
    I hope your day finds you smiling and I wanted to see how you were doing!

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