Holding on


I am in Anchorage again. I left for a few days to get some things done in the Kenai area. When I came back, I was startled. Mum is wasting away. Her hands, which once hauled nets, punished me, made lefse, and held me are skeletal and weak. The spirit in the hands is strong. She is NOT giving up the fight to live. Her lungs are a bit stronger. She is of the generation of being taught Latin in HS as a common course, of being a part of the world shaped by Rock and Roll, of being in her 20’s during the 60’s. She is a survivor. I am blessed to be able to be here with her. Each day is another step on the rung to tomorrow. I have no idea where we will be at Thanksgiving or next month. I am here for her. I will have to go back to Kenai on Sunday (it is Friday, today), we’ll just wait and see what happens next. One of the bloggers I follow made me cry today. Mike’s blog post was pretty much where I am now. It will give you a better look at what I want to say.



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