Today, October 29, is National Cat Day. So, I give you ours!

Maxwell T. Silverstone. Grey, soft, thin, and incredibly talkative. Adopted from a farm by some friends in 2001, we ended up with him due to allergies in their house. He is the bravest fraidy cat in the world and once caught a garter snake by the tip of its tail-the snake was about 2 feet long! However, he runs from other cats and often hides in plain sight. Wonder if it is the spy names?

Moses. Who supposes his toeses are roses. Moses is the yellow cat named after the song in ‘Singing in the Rain’ (Jon named him). A Hemingway cat with 6 toes on each foot, to equal a total of 24 VERY sharp toeses. He uses these to pat faces with on a regular basis. We have had this kitter since 2004. He is a bit of a bully and much prefers continuity and laps. He also loves catnip!

Kilala. The tabby, who appears to have leaked his brains into his stripes. Seriously, he was adopted in 2009 or so and still remains a kitten. He is our full house cat and is rarely let outside unsupervised. We’ve even made him a large enclosed window, so he can get fresh air and remain safe. He’s been caught outside during thunderstorms (he was just wandering around) and he regularly chases his scarred tail.

I’m thankful for National Cat Day and I am thankful for cats. I do enjoy being a cat mom!


6 thoughts on “Cats!

  1. Awe cute cat! My late cat (died in ’95?) Was named Maxwell too. After the coffee. He was black. His brother was named OJ. After orange juice. My late cat (died in 2011) was named Budweiser
    I love cats. 💕💕💕

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    1. OK. One of my first cats was Rainier. The neighbors had one named Budweiser. My kid had a cat named Orange Juice. Also one named Peanut butter (orange colored) and then Milo (remember that movie??).

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