Autumn Flowers

This is crazy!

At home, the lake has a skim of ice, the skies are exploding into color at night, and the thermometer is at 17 degrees! Here? Here, in Oregon, I picked the last of the flowers today in temps of 60 degrees. We just had an evening spate of torrential rain, so I am VERY glad I picked these beauties. Especially, the poppy. I’ve never ever had an oriental poppy bloom at the end of October. Nasturtiums and Calendula are fairly common in the fall. The former hate frosts, so I was impressed the container I’d planted next to the house survived. All the rest of the pots of nasties are well….nasty!

I love flowers. I am fortunate to get to have fall twice again (last year the  Oregon October wasn’t as pretty). I truly love seasons and enjoying them more than once is amazing. The poppy, though. It truly was an unexpected blessing!!


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