My Dear Son’s Deer


In the world I grew up in, we fished for food. Some of my friends would give us moose, but for the most part, our wild food was stuff from the water. Here in EO, the guys hunt in October for deer. I love fish, I’m an Alaskan. However, I am also fond of venison! We almost always turn most of the deer we get into burger and sausage (ooooh, deer sausage, YUM). This year, Jon’s deer will be everything. It was a rather large mule deer. We haven’t seen one this size during the season in years (for some reason, they are often seen OUT of season, but not in!). When Jon called to tell me about it, he said he looked. Had to put down the gun, relax, look, put down the gun, and relax again. He was super excited to bring down something like this. We are especially thankful for how big it was. Last year, Jon didn’t have a tag. This year, his was the only one filled. I am incredibly proud AND blessed to know the kid brought us home more than several dinners with one shot.

He plans on making the skull and antlers into a European Mount. Which I am not going to help with this time. I did the last one and it was not easy!!!! I do have plenty of advice, though.


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