No Partridge

A few thousand miles away, North Kenai had a powerful windstorm, knocking out power. And then it snowed. Here in the East of Oregon, there was a fierce wind and rain storm which caused a couple of power pole fires. However, as I look out, it appears we have been overrun by pears. Plentiful pears pulling branches down and dropping to the ground.

The frosts have taken out the pumpkin patch, most of the annuals are done for, and the sunflowers resemble a grove killed by spruce beetles. Yet, this particular pear tree is a-pear-antly still producing. The guys have taken box after box of pears to persons partial to pear pies, butter, and sauce. The first tree has been thoroughly picked, but the second is still proving to give an abundance of precious mouthwatering presents to partake of. What a promise was held in those bitty white blossoms months ago. Wishing I could mail them out to those who wanted some! Blessings in overabundance! 


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