South–for now.

I am sitting in the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. My plane lifts off for Seattle in a few hours. My heart aches as I look back to Saturday and I am already missing home. The inlet waters are silty and choppy and very cold. They reflected the pain I carried inside. I sat on a small log and stared out at the ocean and the mountains and my eyes filled with tears. I do so love this place! Earlier, I hauled mom’s kayak up from the lake. There is ice on it (you can see, it isn’t much, but on the shore edge there is ice.). The earth down to the water was hard and frozen. Oddly, there are still a couple of ducks on the lake. Mom worries about them.

Me? I worry about mom. However, it is her life and her choices. I would never infringe on the quality of her life to extend the quantity of it. I don’t know if she’ll be here next summer. She’s living on the wick of her candle as the wax melts around her. I hope she is. I want to celebrate mom while she is still alive. Others want to, as well. Home is a blessing. Mom is a blessing. Life is a blessing. Enjoy every moment, they are fleeting and rich with experiences of all kinds.


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