It has been awhile since my last post. It isn’t because I haven’t found blessings, but because I’ve been so terribly busy!!! I have 3 days left in Alaska. Yesterday, this family (from my church when I was a teen) arrived to cut up downed trees. They also felled a dead one.(is that the right word????) I need to split some of the logs, I didn’t make time to do that today. I must get it done tomorrow and Friday.

I’m thankful for the gracious hand these people extended to my mom and I. I was almost in tears as I carted wood to the pile I still need to cover completely. It was a blessed busy day from top to bottom and I am so grateful! Monday was busy, too, and in a super fun way! I met with friends. I got hugs, laughter and kisses were exchanged, and wonderful experiences were shared. Angels are everywhere. You just gotta look for them and let them give without having to pay them back.  Pay it forward instead.


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