Knitting Care


Mum makes these hats. She has made these hats for the last few years. They are chemo hats. Mum didn’t have the opportunity to go thru chemo til this year. The cancer’s she has had were ones where chemotherapy were not a part of them. This time, she is experiencing it. As I said, Mum has made these hats for a long time. She takes them in to Katmai when she has appointments. Mum could NOT remember how to make these hats. Chemotherapy messes up your brain. It is called chemo brain. I recall printing this pattern out for her before, but promptly forgot about it. I didn’t find it for her, just got it so it would print. Needless to say, I was frustrated mum had lost the recipe/pattern!

It took me ages to find it. She kept calling the hat pattern by a different name. It is called a Hope Hat. Once I found it, I bookmarked it on my laptop, I printed out 3 pages, placed one in her fuzzy yarn tote, and I hope we will never need to search for it again! I was thinking about how frustrated I was and realised it was silly. Mum makes these and people need them. Mum likes to make them. People like these hats. I had internet access and could find the pattern and I could hook my laptop up to the printer to print out the pattern for her. Yup, these are all good things! I still don’t think I want to learn to knit or crochet, though…..


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