As a kid I loved stories. I learned to read when I was 5 or 6 (I’ve written about that). Yet, I loved to be told stories. The first book I remember being read to me was in 2nd grade. It was a story about Dr. Doolittle. It fascinated me to have someone tell me stories from books. But, my favorite stories were from people. Old people were the best. When I  was small, the neighbor used to give me 3 musketeer bars (the real snack size) and tell me things and I’d ‘read’ the New Yorker or Sat Evening Post.

The woman above, Needra, is a terrific teller of tales. She and her husband homesteaded in North Kenai and oh my, the things she shared about their first summer here for a vacation that never ended. Then, I met another old timer. Frank. The stories he told me were so much fun! I loved the story of the NASA rover Dante II who was lost in a crater in Mount Spurr. He told it much better than this brief paragraph!!

There is so much to learn and enjoy from people. It is a blessing and an honor to sit at their feet and let their words and stories wash over and into those around. Seriously, if you get a chance to listen to new stories from an older person, please do! And may the stories never repeat……


3 thoughts on “Story?

  1. Sadly I never truly appreciated the elderly until I joined their ranks! When I volunteered at the Northville (MI) Sunrise Assisted Living facility from 2010 through 2013 I so loved talking with and listening to the residents. So many varied lifestyles and experiences; the stories were fascinating! I’ve come to appreciate the eastern cultures given they respect their elderly as resources and vessels of wisdom; western cultures just do not have that same appreciation and we are missing something very important by taking such a stance…

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