The other day we had a cow and a calf in the yard. Last night, there were two calves and their mom!!! One creature I have always respected completely is a cow moose. I’ve only seen bulls now and again, but my path has crossed a cow and her calf more times than I can count. Moose are big. I remember once, eons ago as a YiCC (Youth Conservation Corps), visiting a place in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge where several were being kept behind a fence. I don’t recall why, I do remember touching the nose of a young bull and later a cow. It was memorable.

Mom’s dog (the little sort of mini doxie) has had a run in with a calf and her female parent. He didn’t come out on top, but wasn’t as traumatized as my mom. The last couple of weeks, we’ve carefully looked outside before letting Obi out. Mom has walked him on a leash. She’s quick to shout if she sights something large and brown and bovine. Last night, she yelled to me and then we were completely startled to see there were three. I’m very glad they look healthy and ready for winter. I am also assuming they finished off what was left in mom’s small garden, which is close to where they are standing. At the moment, it appears they also enjoy rose hips. I am also completely and thoroughly thankful they were not out when I was walking. I wasn’t in the house long before this family showed up!


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