Amazing Fun


I enjoy birds as much as I enjoy rocks. Not quite as much as I enjoy books, though! Birds are so exciting to watch and identify. The latter is actually often very frustrating, but they are still great fun. The other night, in the kayak, I saw two small black shapes ghost past. I knew they were owls, I didn’t hear a sound as they flew. Later, I heard the oddest noise in the world and wondered what it was. The first sound came from up in a tree and was seconded from across the lake around another tree. I was sure they were owls. But, they sounded soo crazy! 

The learned Owl from the 100 Acre Wood, I think, might enjoy a site I found. I have been there often and tonight, it gave me what I was looking for. From the sound and habitat, I am fairly sure I heard a pair of Northern Saw Whets. I was pretty excited and the next time I am out at night and hear this funky noise, I’ll know exactly what it is! On the site you are also able to pinpoint the area on the map of where others may have found the bird you did. Super amazing awesome fun!!!! 

Learning new things and putting them into practice is a wonderful thing. I am so thankful I can do this. It is not something everyone can do. I’m grateful to be one of them. 



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