The last minutes


This is a photo from the first days of August. In the background you can see a downed tree. One of several uprooted from the excavations of the diggers. It appears they messed things up a bit by burying trees, which are decaying and now are creating sinkholes in the yard. This might not end up as efficient as it could have been. At any rate, the few trees which were left above ground I wanted to have cut up before I went back to Oregon. I am not a chainsaw type, mom doesn’t even own one anymore. A couple of people had tentatively offered help, but they were not entirely serious. Alaskan summers are very short and people are so very busy with their own agendas.

Then, today, out of the grey sky, a gift appeared. Or I should say, another gift of help from totally unrelated persons. A woman from my past (I wrote to her daughter in college and we attended the same church in HS and she did 4H stuff in tandem with mom) stopped by. She will bring out one of the guys from her family and they’ll take care of things. Rain or shine. I almost cried! She also gave me a solid hug. Those, are so rare! I can count on one hand the ones I’ve gotten in the last 30 days with fingers to spare.

I am a very grateful person today. Blessings who pull up to give a hand when you least expect it.


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