Across the Sky


It was not a lovely warm day. It was a VERY frosty cold night. The area was about the same, however. I stood down near the lake and watched the sky. The lights weren’t very bright, but they were active and colorful. They resembled gossamer pale pastel veils twining among the stars of the Big Dipper. It was truly beautiful.

As I watched and almost froze my nose off, I wished I was in the middle of the lake. I could have taken out the kayak, but mum was super sick from her last chemo.. So, I stayed ashore. If it had been a frozen lake, I’d have run out in an instant! I wished the lights were brighter. So many of my friends further north were enjoying and even photographing their incredible display. I realised it didn’t matter, though. Having them so delicate made them more ethereal than they really are!

I might go out tonight. I’m pretty tired from keeping an unnecessary eye on mom. She appears to be absolutely fine today. It shocks me she was so sick last night and today she is fairly lively. Her feeling better is a blessing. My being tired means I’ll sleep, which is ALWAYS a good thing. Yet….I’ll probably go out and look at least once. It calls to me!


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